Company Bio

Friendship Lodge Landscape Plan
Lazzarin Svisdahl Landscape Architects (LSLA) and support staff provide professional consulting services in landscape planning and design.  Formed in 2016 (formerly Jay Lazzarin Landscape Architech), we bring together a unique combination of skills to enable effective assessment, planning, design, and implementation of projects relating to the broad spectrum of landscape design. We offer various specialized services yet maintain a broad flexibility in order to provide input into a larger scope of projects.  Our primary skills include park and recreation planning and design; urban design; First Nation consultation and design; residential, commercial and industrial design; and landscape restoration.  These services encompass a full range of environmental site investigations, research, meaningful public involvement, compilation of drawings, reports and specifications, as well as construction review services. Our clients benefit from our commitment to high quality and professionalism. We continually strive for new techniques and innovative design solutions, which meet a client’s budgeting requirements. Whenever possible, we advocate working with nature rather than trying to alter the environment, that way, potential problems can be minimized, more creative ways for interacting with natural systems can be explored, and equally important, project costs can be reduced.