As linear green corridors that connect to natural areas, Community Greenways provide wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. 
As Prime consultant, LSLA led in all stages of planning, design and construction of the provincially acclaimed Quesnel Riverfront Trail System. The route encompasses the whole community, linking parks, quiet streets, places of historic interest, residential areas and the downtown core.  Undertaken in three phases, this 9.5 km looped trail system is well used by residents and tourists year round. 


Other greenway and trail system projects:


 Forests for the World in Prince George, BC.


Planning and routing of a looped trail system around the community of Fort Nelson, BC. Phase 1 construction of a $1.5 million, 4.7 km long trail section was completed in 2010.


Planning, routing and construction of greenways and trails through the District of Vanderhoof. Phase 1 construction of a 1.8 km looped, granular surfaced trail, adjacent to the Heritage Museum was completed in 2010.


During the planning process, JLLA may engage community planners, traffic and civil engineers, as well as work closely with municipal staff, user groups, crown land representatives, and special interest groups.  We encourage public participation and have taken on organization and facilitation of public meetings.


Forests For the World, PG

Shane Lake Lookout, Forests For the World


  • Site investigation, data collection and review of municipality's Official Community Plan (O.C.P.)
  • Analysis of site opportunities and constraints
  • Preparation of optional plans
  • Detailed written reports outlining the planning process
  • BCIIA certified irrigation designer
  • Preparation of reliable construction cost estimates
  • Facilitate public meetings
  • Land acquisition strategies
  • Detailed design
  • Construction review and/or project management


Fort Nelson Trail

Trail Under Construction, Fort Nelson, BC

Riverfront Trail, Quesnel

Riverfront Trail System, Quesnel, BC